Killingly Commons

Dayville, CT (MSA: Killingly, CT)

Location map

The Crossing at Killingly Commons is located on the southwest corner of Interstate 395 and State Highway 101 in Killingly, Connecticut.

The center is anchored by Lowe’s, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, Petco, Staples, Stop & Shop Supermarket, and T.J. Maxx.

Site plan & available space

  • 011 6,319 SF
  • 026 2,005 SF

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The town of Killingly is the center of a triangular geographic trade area comprised of Worcester, MA; Providence, RI; and Hartford, CT. Killingly is less than 40 miles from each of these destinations, making it a great destination for families and businesses that regularly access neighboring cities.

3 MI 5 MI 7 MI 10 MI
Population (2017)
14,033 23,971 42,050 65,115
Projected Population (2022)
14,543 24,751 43,242 66,828
Households (2017)
5,511 9,276 16,244 25,044
Average Household Income (2017)
68,154 71,209 72,764 76,332


While the Crossing at Killingly Commons has a relatively small local population supporting the center, household incomes in the area are significantly higher than both the state and national averages. This is largely due to property's proximity to area employment centers.

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